Much appreciated for its ideal location on the first floor of a traditional town house in the centre of Etaples, this charming and fully-equipped 4* is also popular for the sense of intimacy that it conveys.
With its timeless backdrop, Suzyandre d’Ardennes manages to accomplish a stunning work of alchemy: blending the refined and understated charm of a luxury apartment with the impeccable services of a time-honoured traditional 4*.

This beautiful apartment is best described as elegant and minimalistic, its spacious and brightly-lit rooms entirely and lovingly refurbished in 2014 with great attention to detail. It is a wonderful setting in which to recharge one’s batteries and spend time together, and the apartment can comfortably accommodate 4 people.

The “Catherine de Médicis” bedroom
The Catherine de Médicis room has been decorated with a brilliant simplicity. The essentials are present and nothing is superfluous. Here, luxury can be found in simplicity!

Fitted with a rolling blind, the window also has a delicate sheer curtain which allows plenty of light into this room decorated in light tones, where the warm hues of orange, gold and saffron, added in touches in an Impressionist style, add a vivid and succulent note to this pristine space.

The “3 Apples” sofa bed
A bed measuring 140 x 200 cm can be made up from the “Rapido” sofa bed in the lounge, which has a genuine and high quality mattress.

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